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Scalable Vehicle Parts Aggregation and Indexing Solution Using AWS

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Client Profile

  • Client: A leading automotive parts distributor.
  • Industry: Automotive.
  • Challenge: Managing, indexing, and updating an extensive catalog of vehicle parts data efficiently.

The Challenge

The client’s existing system struggled to handle the vast and ever-growing database of millions of vehicle parts. They required a scalable solution to aggregate, index, and update this data daily, ensuring quick and accurate search capabilities for their customers.

Solution Provider

  • Company: Cognilium, a technology solutions firm specializing in cloud computing and big data management.
  • Expertise: Implementing scalable and efficient data solutions using AWS cloud services.


To build a scalable and efficient system for aggregating, indexing, and updating millions of vehicle parts data daily using AWS tools like Serverless Aurora DB, Lambda, OpenSearch, and EMR.

Solution Overview

Cognilium proposed a cloud-based solution utilizing various AWS tools to handle the large-scale data requirements of the client effectively.


  1. Data Aggregation and Storage with Aurora:
    • Utilized AWS Serverless Aurora DB for scalable and efficient data storage.
    • Automated daily updates of vehicle parts data into the database.
  2. Data Indexing with OpenSearch:
    • Implemented AWS OpenSearch for powerful search capabilities across the vast dataset.
    • Configured real-time indexing to ensure up-to-date search results.
  3. Data Processing with AWS Lambda and EMR:
    • Used AWS Lambda for running data processing jobs without provisioning servers.
    • Leveraged AWS EMR for handling large-scale data processing tasks, especially during peak times.
  4. System Integration and Testing:
    • Integrated these AWS services into a cohesive system that met all the client’s data handling requirements.
    • Conducted extensive testing to ensure system reliability and efficiency.


  • Scalability: The solution effectively managed the daily updates and growing size of the vehicle parts database.
  • Efficiency in Data Processing: Reduced the time required for data updates and processing.
  • Improved Search Capabilities: Enhanced search functionality led to a better user experience for the client’s customers.
  • Cost-Effective: The serverless architecture significantly reduced operational costs.


Cognilium’s AWS-based solution provided the client with a highly scalable, efficient, and cost-effective system for managing their extensive vehicle parts data. The use of Aurora DB, Lambda, OpenSearch, and EMR ensured that the client could handle millions of products and their daily updates seamlessly.

Future Steps

  • Machine Learning Enhancements: Implement AWS machine learning services for predictive analysis and recommendations.
  • Continuous Optimization: Regularly review and optimize the AWS infrastructure to ensure cost-efficiency and performance.

This case study demonstrates Cognilium’s ability to leverage advanced AWS tools to develop tailored solutions for complex data challenges, driving operational efficiency and enhancing customer experience in the automotive industry.

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